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Dear Eisley

    Eisley Avalon (two months)

    Growing // At six weeks of age, Eisley was 12 pounds, 3 oz. She is pretty huge, but not quite as big as Z at this age. I can’t keep track of her other measurements (third child problems), but I know she is off-the-charts tall and around 95th percentile for weight and head circumference.
    Eating // Unless my memory is just hazy with the other two, Eisley is my fussiest eater… lots of pulling on and off while nursing, milk spraying everywhere, and some crying in the mix. She also decided a few weeks ago that she hates the bottle. I have not been consistent about giving her a bottle very often, since I’m home for the summer, but when we were moving the past two weeks, both grandmas came into town to help us. Eisley tried to refuse the bottle completely at first, but now we can get her take one “under extreme protest” as my mom described it the other day.

    Wearing // Eisley is comfortably wearing six month clothing. We are in that sweet, short window where they are not too big and not getting too small.
    Doing //Eisley nurses every 2-2 1/2 hours by day and is consistently sleeping about seven hours at night (10ish-5ish). Her naps are super inconsistent, mostly the horrible 20-40 minute kind with the occasional 2-hour “conk out” in the mix. She survived our move and is still sleeping in the Pack ‘N’ Play in our room. I would like to get her out of our room and into the crib, but we are still figuring out sleeping arrangements at our new place. Talitha is still in the crib, but might graduate to a bunk bed or a trundle/daybed with her big sis soon. During the move, we got out the play mat, and Eisley loves looking at the mirror, the hanging animals, and the ceiling fan nearby. She still loves going for walk in the Solly and is now big enough to go in the Ergo too. She smiles and coos now, which is super fun, and I’m hoping she starts giggling in the next month or so.

    Loving // Baths, being swaddled, taking naps in fuzzy blankets on the couch, being held, having her butt patted, hearing the word “hi” in a high pitched voice, her play mat

    Tolerating// The car seat (slightly more than last month)

    Loathing // The bottle

    Mishaps // We walked to a nearby park in our new neighborhood the other day. It’s been in the mid-80s here, which is pretty hot for our coastal area, and Eisley got a sunburn! Her right cheek, a tiny patch on her neck, and the top of her right shoulder got slightly red where they were peeking out of the Solly Wrap. I didn’t realize the new park had very little shade, and I didn’t even think to apply sunscreen to her sensitive baby skin. Lesson learned!

    Milestones // Slept until 6:15 one morning (although 5:15 wake-ups are still the norm), went to a baby shower, tried out the stroller and the Ergo, moved to a new house, met some of mommy’s best friends (Sar-Bear and Stace-Face)


    Dear Eisley (Two Months)

    Dear Eisley,

    As a firstborn, I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be a third child… and the third of three girls, no less. Life is swirl of chaos all around you – snacks and shows, discipline and dancing, tutus and tantrums. You take it all in so calmly. You don’t even flinch when your two year-old sister smashes her forehead into yours. It’s affection. But it must be uncomfortable at times.

    And sometimes I leave you hanging. In your crib. In the bouncer. You want to be held, but I have no hands. I am juggling breakfasts and diaper changes and you start to whimper. “Hold on, Eisley!” I say, with a hint of desperation in my voice.

    This boisterous sisterhood is all you’ll ever know. You will grow up adaptable – willing to share or ready to fight for what you want. It won’t be calm. It won’t be quiet. You’ll probably share a room for the next 15 years, at least.

    But someday these older sisters will move out… onto the next adventure. And it will be just a little bit quieter. And a little bit calmer. You won’t need me then, like you do now, but I hope you’ll let me make these days up to you. Maybe we’ll go shopping or grab coffee or whatever it is you like to do. We can pretend you’re my only child for just a few hours.

    But when our special day is done, I think we’ll both realize that the loud, full house you grew up in shaped you in all the best ways. I hope you’ll always say that having sisters made you kind, that sharing a room made you humble, and that watching your mom raise a bunch of girls taught you about beauty, strength, and grace.




    Eisley Avalon (One Month)

    Growing // Eisley is our largest baby yet (and that’s saying something!). To my shock, she was born at 9 pounds, 4 ounces. She dipped below 9 pounds at a few days old, and she was back up to her birth weight in less than a week. I’m guessing she is around 12 pounds now, but she won’t go in for a well-check until 10 weeks. She was 21 inches at birth (although Micah says it was a sloppy measurement), and she was 22 3/4 inches at two weeks of age. Basically, she’s a darling giant.
    Eating // Eisley could star in one of those YouTube videos that shows a newborn baby instinctively climbing to the breast to eat. She basically did that in her first ten minutes of life. Ever since then she’s been a champion eater, just like her sisters. However, she eats faster than Zianne and pukes less than Talitha, so it’s a win/win all around.
    Wearing // Eisley has been in 0-3 month items since birth. I just pulled all of our 3-6 month clothing out of storage, because I realized she will probably need to start wearing it before we move in a few weeks. I got tons of size 1 diapers at my baby shower, and I frantically tried to use them up before Eisley got too big. I moved her into size 2 about a week ago. I try to err in switching diaper sizes too soon, because blowouts are caused by too-small diapers.
    Doing // That ol’ sleep/eat/wake cycle… eating every 2-3 hours, napping anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours. The trick to ensuring a long afternoon nap is giving Eisley a quick bath right before it’s time to sleep. After her bath, I put her in just a diaper, swaddle her, and she usually sleeps deeply for a couple hours, which is great because I’ve needed time to wrap up some stuff for the school year. On the days Z and T are home, I usually put Eisley in the Solly Wrap and walk to the park with all the girls. I should also mention that Eisley has gone to at least 15 house showings in her first month of life. We have been trying to buy a house, but have also been looking at rentals as a back-up, so she has seen a lot of real estate in her short-time on earth.

    Loving // Milk, baths, being swaddled, being held, having her butt patted, hearing the word “hi” in a high pitched voice (good thing I’m a master at this)

    Tolerating// Talitha in her face for approximately 12 hours every day…

    Loathing // Red stop lights and stop signs

    Nicknames // Eisley girl, Baby Sissy, Eyes-ee (Talitha’s pronounciation)

    Mishaps // Pink eye invaded our house when Eisley was two weeks old! Zianne got it, then me, then Talitha. Eisley had a clogged tear duct at the time, so I had been massaging her eyes with my fingers multiple times a day upon doctor’s orders. As you can imagine, I was pretty horrified when I discovered I had been touching my newborn’s eyes repeatedly with sick pink eye germs. I really don’t know if Eisley got it or not. For a few days, both her eyes were goopy. Now it’s just back to the one eye with the clogged tear duct which is finally getting much better. Upon the advice of a pediatric nurse and many friends, I shot breast milk into her eye at least once a day to try to keep her eyeballs healthy. Side note: pink eye is the WORST.

    Milestones // Met Ga, Pa, Bestemor, Auntie KK, Gee and Wanda, survived the most stressful newborn photo shoot ever (because it was sabotaged by the awful behavior of her older sisters), slept five hours at night (once), attended a conference in San Diego with mom and dad and got to stay in a hotel