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    A Day in the Life

    I used to be so good about taking “day in the life” photos about every six months or so. And then in the past year and a half, I started my career, had a third child, and we moved THREE times…

    However, I was looking through our camera lately, and realized I did actually snap some photos in our three very short-term homes, I just never posted them.

    So here are some snapshots of daily life in 2016 and 2017. Zianne turned three and then four. She quit sucking her thumb. Talitha turned one and then two. We lived in a condo then a beach house then a tiny two-bedroom with three kids. We had Eisley. She started sucking her thumb. She now crawls around and giggles and eats solid food.

    A lot of changes have happened, but a few themes have stayed the same… cute daughters, laundry, grocery shopping, snacks, sunsets, God’s Word.

    It’s a simple life, but a good one.


    A Day in the Life

    I captured a day in the life when Zianne was six months and a year old, and I am so happy I was able to do it again now that Talitha is six months old. Right now our weekday rhythms revolve around nap times, nursing, and dissertation writing. We usually escape the house once a day to run errands and visit the gym. Starting this week though, our schedule will change dramatically as I start a new teaching job and the girls attend daycare twice a week. But these pictures below reflect the past few months and what our life has looked like since moving to a new house and a new state. Life is pretty busy, but also very sweet. *I captured these pictures over a few days’ time to catch the essence of a full day from early morning to evening. I don’t actually change my kids’ outfits that often.

    6:30am // Coffee and Bible
    7:30am // New to me… video workouts at home before the girls wake up
    8:00am // Girls get up
    8:05am // Morning nursing session
    8:20am // Putting new Christmas toys to use. A quick check-up for Talitha…
    8:30am // “Brekkie”
    8:45am // Squeezing in the last few minutes of a workout with the girls crawling all over me

    9:00am // Back up to the nursery to get Talitha dressed for the day
    9:10am // Nursery is quickly destroyed by toy explosion
    9:15am // Trying to be intentional about reading the Bible to the girls every day
    9:20am // Independent play…
    9:21am // …while mom tackles the never-ending task of swapping and organizing little girl clothing
    9:28am // Sometimes mom reads…
    9:30am // …and sometimes Z decides it’s time to read “all by myself!”
    10:00am // Morning show during sissy’s nap…
    currently in the rotation: Daniel Tiger, Curious George, Super Why, Bubble Guppies

    10:30am // Sometimes there are tears when the show is over, and sometimes she asks me to take a picture of her crying. I obliged.
    11:00 // Off to the gym and the grocery store. 
    Leaving the house with two kids sometimes feels like an Olympic sport…
    1:15pm // Home for lunch. Talitha adores eating solids…
    1:45pm // Nap time… cleaning up all the toys in living room so I can concentrate
    1:50pm // Make afternoon coffee
    2:00pm // Work on dissertation while praying nap time is exceptionally long

    2:15pm // Both grandmas have been in town over the past few months, allowing me to occasionally sneak out of the house to work at a nearby coffee shop

    3:00pm // The dissertation pairs nicely with a cinnamon honey latte
    4:30pm // Up from her nap

    4:35pm // Time for a drink and a snack

    5:30pm // Dinner prep
    5:40pm // Helping mom cook dinner in our horrible florescent-lit kitchen

    6:00pm // Passing the time before dad gets home with books and more books
    These are how our days roll with a six month old and a 2 year old. The hours are a sweet mixture of mundane and beautiful. The days are deliriously exhausting, especially with the pressure of my dissertation always lurking in the back of my mind, but I feel called to be a mom and a PhD student, so I wouldn’t change a thing. I fall into bed each night thankful for every minute of this life God’s given me.

    A Day in the Life

    I documented a day in our life when Zianne was about six months old. Now that she’s one, I thought it would be fun to do it again to see all the changes that have taken place over the past half year.

    I usually get up between 6:30 and 7:00am. This is my quiet hour to drink coffee and read the Word as Micah gets ready for work.
    Zianne wakes up around 8:00am. I change her diaper and bring her into my room. We are just about to drop her morning feeding and then she will be completely weened. She currently nurses for about 3.5 minutes in the morning and then wants to play, play, play around the room while I clean up and make the bed. 
    Next Z and I head to the kitchen for “brekkie.” Usually we each eat some cereal and then split a banana and a yogurt. After breakfast, we hurry off to the gym where Z plays in the childcare area, which she loves, while mom works out.
    This particular day was rare because it was fall break at school. Usually I have to teach on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, but since there was no class this day, I met my mom at our usual location {a coffee shop halfway between our houses}, put Z in her car, and then got a few hours to myself to work out, run some errands, get a pedicure, and grade some papers at Crepe Bar. Usually I would be at school during this time, holding office hours and teaching class.
    On days I work or have errands, Zianne takes her morning nap at my mom’s and then I pick her up after lunch and before her afternoon nap. On days I’m at home, we get home from the gym, Zianne goes down for a late morning nap, and I hustle through household chores {and sometimes get a chance to take a shower} while she sleeps.
    Since Z’s afternoon nap is becoming her longer nap {some days at least}, I now work on my dissertation in the afternoon. I try to put her down and then immediately bust out my computer and start writing.
    After Z’s second nap, she gets a cracker and cup of water for a snack. Sometimes I let her watch one episode of Baby Einstein while I finish up school stuff and get dinner started {And, yes, she still sits in her infant bouncer while she watches her show. She loves the thing!}. Eventually she ends up in the kitchen under my feet as I cook, which is why we had to finally install a safety lock on the cabinet under the sink.
    Dad gets home around 5:30! They play for a little while and then we eat dinner as a family. Z sits in her high chair next to dad and stuffs her face for dinner.
    From 6:30-8:00pm Zianne and Micah hang out as much as possible. They play around the house and sometimes the whole family will go for a walk around the neighborhood. Usually one of us will give her a bath around 7:00 or 7:30 and then Zianne goes to bed around 8:00. We gave up bedtime nursing about a week ago, so Z drinks a sippy cup of milk as I pray out loud, and then I put her in her crib. She grabs her lovely, turns onto her side, and falls asleep as soon as I turn out the light.
    So this is what a typical day looks like {minus the pedicure which is a monthly treat!}. At least once a week we get together with friends for lunch or a play date. And usually we have at least one evening event each week, and Z goes to bed a little bit later. We get out quite a bit these days, but I really strive to have one day a week where we just stay home all day. I feel like “home days” are good for both of us.